On Collecting

Collecting is a process of discovery and desire. With works of art, it begins with an individual's impression and reaction, but ends with a full understanding. In uncovering the meaning of a piece, its purpose, it's intent, one must report what they see and then decide what it means. By then identifying the piece as coming from a particular culture and period, one embarks on the path that leads to the story behind the piece. In order to truly fulfill ones desire to collect, one must begin to discover, learn, and re-contextualize in earnest.
It is hard to pinpoint why I became interested in ethnographic art. I have always been drawn to relics of the past, even if only fragments. There is something compelling and beautiful in their stories, the history of their parent culture, their weathered surfaces and often abstract forms. Things that are no longer relevant in today's context of speed, need for instant gratification, and mass produced obsolescence.
I am presenting a window looking into over a decade of collecting that was sparked by a fascination of world culture in my childhood, and rooted in years of education, travel, of wanting, and a desire to continue learning. I have selected these things in much the same way a storyteller may choose their words. They evoke personal feelings, tell their own stories, and have been treasured by several owners around the world.
It is my pleasure to share them with you.